Team Light (Taylor)

Hello and welcome, my name is Taylor James Roth.

I AM here to assist the Sovereign Beings of Earth in upgrading their consciousness.

I will provide some background now, regarding that life mission.

Born in 1986 in Murray, Utah, USA.

Lifelong love of Velociraptors and other ancient beings.

The portfolio of my professional work over the years includes the fields of Pharmacy Technician and Information Technology Support. Both of these fields of work have contributed to my deep and abiding love of both technology and health of our bodies.

Great contemplation has occurred for myself and others, with regards to the intersection of technology and our bodies. When we observe the potentials of that intersection and begin to add other fields such as Quantum Physics, Psychology, and Physiology there are massive changes on the horizon of Human Consciousness.

My passion is to bring you relevant content regarding this intersection.

In addition, I have spent the last 2 years extensively documenting my dreams. Much of that work is forthcoming on this site. However, I know from experience that paying attention to your dreams is of paramount importance to the development of one’s consciousness. If you don’t write your dreams, I recommend you begin, it is normal to barely remember them at first. There are many great resources on this subject, I encourage your investigation in it.

Through my own experiments, meditations, and dreams, I have established contact with my Higher Selves and we are excited to assist at this time. It is this fulfilling contact with Higher Selves that I absolutely desire for yourself and all beings in existence.

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