The Dimensional Well

Sister Pam

There is a vision that presents itself when I am bathing in healing energies, when I am releasing shadow selves, when I am letting go of darkness inside me. I am at the bottom of a shaft, a well made with rings of a complex grey material. It is gigantic in size and seems like a technological wonder to me. Coming from the light above and reaching all the way down into darkness is a cable with aerial nacelle distributed regularly and traveling up along its length. I have seen versions of me being saved from the depth and being pulled into the light, sitting, standing and cheering from the platforms. I see, as I am following them, glass windows on the walls of the well and people inside cheering back. I can see confetti floating in the air. Each person that is saved, rescued is different. Men, Women, workers…

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Be You

There is much talk in mystical communities about dissolution of who you are. It goes by many names, Ego, Self, Physical Body, yada yada yada.   I’m here to provide a clearer perspective on this. It’s called surrender, grace, acceptance.   It is a state of TRUST that there is a force that cares about…Read more Be You