Guiding yourself on the journey inward.

What if everything is indeed about you?

What if everyone in your life is there for one reason only, to help you learn about yourself?

How would this change you, if you look at the world in this way?

I’ve constructed in my mind an elaborate system of biofeedback.

Wherever my senses encounter data, I assume that it is meant for me or it wouldn’t be coming to my senses.

In my world, source is intelligent enough to filter to me, only that which is most relevant to my learning.

If the only purpose of life is to explore who you are, then accomplishing things takes on a different meaning.

I’m not here to save the planet, nor anyone on it.

I’m here to explore who I am and have enlisted many facets of creation to facilitate this exploration.

Time is a filter, it is what appears to separate moments from each other.

But, in my world, there is no separation.

I am simultaneously creating and destroying in a perpetual cycle of transforming energy.

If I feel conflicted as to what I should be doing, then I have just created conflict in the world.

For the world is me and I am the world.

To have peace, I must be peace.

Stilling the mind is not about subjugation, it is about surrender to a flow that has a rhythm without reason.

The flow of synchronicity is only found in the surrendering and it is unknown what will come of the surrendering.

This brings up any fear that remains in you, for surrendering is to trust and leap into the Void.

It is a leap that I do every day and am learning to do every moment of existence.

It is Rebirth, Initiation, Beauty, and Tenderness.

It is Life.


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