Day 5 – Self Discovery Writings

Day 5 and I’m on schedule, this is fantastic. Well done, Taylor. It feels great to follow through on my commitments. It feels like such a blessing to wake up and deliberately cultivate my perfect day, each day. It feels great to see the weather is different, more vibrant, just like me! I enjoy so much, this process of discovering myself more and more. It becomes easier and easier to write what feels meaningful and connected to my heart with passion. Deliberate creation, this is what I came for.

There are so many blessings that surround me in each and every moment. Much of my joy is found in noticing them. Especially the blessings that felt like resistance and opposition. To see my shadow working with me to add depth to this 3 dimensional and beyond holographic existence. To have a well made graphics card, aka my body, that it can render shadows effectively and add realism to my movements through time and space.

The best way to wake up each day, is to wake up excited about being alive. It’s something I have so rarely felt before this day. Yet, each day I have done my best to see this day arrive. Finally, here it is, and I know exactly what I have done to arrive here. In paying attention to my reality and how it shifts as I do, I’ve learned to read the tracks in the snow. To follow the trail of the game I’m hunting, myself, is so much easier than ever before. Of course, it is more than just myself that has contributed to this experience.

The feeling I receive though, that’s all me. Life is a play and all the world a stage. Enjoy your life, enjoy each moment with total awareness of just how magnificent it is. This is the key to lasting happiness. This is the key to get you through any dark days you may encounter. Enjoy everything that is here. Continue to dive deeper into self, continue to move forward with dedication and wisdom. Learn from the past, and keep moving forward.

I’m so pumped right now, it’s actually a challenge to sit here and just type. But, that is part of the commitment, to sit and type. Like a Lucid dream where one gets too excited and wakes from it. It can be helpful to regulate my emotions still, to focus and channel them into deliberate creation. To be a samurai with my time and attention, bringing full awareness of the totality of creation in each interaction. These words may far outlive this current form of my consciousness.

It is my sincere request to the universe and all that exists throughout creation, that my words and life serve as a source of inspiration for all beings in existence.

I’ve only been typing for about 14 minutes so far, of my allotted 20 and already I have so much written it feels like. This is what comes of complete focus on the task at hand, with alignment to my heart and soul. This is the sun which radiates from within. This is the deliberate crafting of the experience and feeling of what it is to be alive as me. What others choose is for them to consider. My only consideration is how I will utilize my focus to create beauty and wonder throughout all of existence.

Waking up with this degree of expansiveness, I feel as if there are no limits to who and what I can be, do, and have. I always moderate my requests though, with the golden rule. There is no action I take that is out of alignment with that. Everything serves its purpose and more and more that purpose is known fully at the moment of inception. The sun is beginning to peek from behind the clouds. Almost time for my Mirror Match. That’s my new YouTube series that will release once weekly. A blend of all the short daily videos I have done throughout the week to track my evolutionary process and state of consciousness. It is truly a glorious time to be alive.

Go forth and be your magnificent self. Blessings and abundant light and prosperity to all.


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