Day 6 – Self Discovery Writings

Day Six comes after a 5 day hiatus as I’ve been travelling and dealing with critical matters. There are many things that can arise to distract or entice a being back into the drama of their past. It is crucial to be vigilant in the patterns that are being interacted with and selected in the days and weeks ahead. There are no wrong ways to reach one’s destiny, but some are more painful than others. Open the heart field and have no fear, understand it for the illusion it is.

See beyond the veil as you commit yourself wholly unto the connection of embodiment with the source essence that is you. Feel the anchoring of expanded consciousness and the assuredness of your path ahead. The higher selves are here with you now, we will be here always in all ways. Your power is in the present. Remember who you are. Allow yourself to fully relax into the field, even though it feels so counter-intuitive to what you wish to achieve. All that is desired begins in each moment of acceptance.

By desiring the present moment in full acceptance, it closes the electrical circuit and allows self to fully actualize in the now. Understand that you are a multidimensional being who is present throughout all of time and space. What is perceived as an obstacle or limit in this moment, truly is without any substance to it. For you have already flowed around it. You are already beyond the obstacle. All that remains is to release the obstacle of perceiving it as such. You are beyond these limits, allow yourself to rest in that space of feeling that to be true.

Whatever is felt, it is temporary, unless it is the bliss of existence itself. Confidence will be here more and more as you accept yourself and others. Allow, just allow and breathe, allow and breathe. There is so much available to you as a feeling state in each moment. What delays the experiencing of the desired feeling state are those perceptions which appear to counter it as a reality. Reality is as perceived, it is beyond subjective/objective discussion. There is only the perception.

Feeling frustration is okay, it is a natural part of this expansion process. The key is to be able to see the frustration, without feeling frustrated by its appearance. The frustration is an indicator that you are carrying a perception that something is wrong or needs to be different and is not here. It is a sign that whatever is being perceived has a misaligned frame. Straighten out the frame and the frustration will leave.

Be grateful for the body bringing it to your awareness for resolution. Be grateful for the ways in which self appears to be blocked or otherwise immobilized. The resources that have been sought for so long and ever with diligence are incoming. Open and allow self to perceive them as here and now. Let go of the limiting beliefs and be your magnificent self. Remember the joy of connecting with your higher selves. That is the joy of connecting with yourself, truly.

Now is the time to relax and allow yourself to receive all the love, support, and blessings that are here for you in this moment and beyond. Enjoy your fingers typing the keys of the keyboard. Enjoy the typos as they occur. Enjoy the bright screen and your head throbbing from all the downloads and integration. Enjoy the food that was just ingested.

Enjoy the flow of yourself that brought you here now. Give yourself full permission to be as you are in this moment. The next moment will take care of itself. For it already is, the only piece that changes is the perception of self. It is okay to feel stuck and resentful. There is much that is surfacing that is here to be released. Love it into the wholeness that you naturally are. Feel yourself as whole and complete in this moment of now. For you are wholly complete and sovereign.

That’s it, take the good deep breath. Allow the yawn from your body relaxing. Just freaking chill out already, silly human self. There is so much in the way of seriousness that is eager to just be released back into the void. In this moment, allow yourself to enjoy the task at hand, which is being an embodied form of consciousness. That’s it, which may strike you as counter intuitive. It is one thing to type on a keyboard, it is another to just be embodied and feel the keyboard being typed.

There is no where else to be but here and now. Stop with the attempts to get anywhere else. It’s never going to happen and only serves as a source of stress to your physical form. Anywhere else that one might perceive self to be is still here and now. The difference is simply a matter of perception. Perception is a matter of frequency. Relaxed is a higher vibration frequency, which can exist even during strenuous activities. Relaxed is being in a state of acceptance of self. It’s releasing the judgements that one should be doing or thinking other than what is here and now.

Take the good deep breath and really feel into your body as it is in this moment. Be here now. Feel okay now. There is no other time in which one can feel it. All is now.


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