Day 9 – Self Discovery Writings

Just type the words, Taylor, allow the path to unfold before you as you step into this new moment of time. Discovering who you are with each and every movement of self, echoing throughout time and space. You once were predictable, not so now. Allow yourself to explore, knowing you are safe to do so. Allow yourself to feel the words and thoughts of your higher selves, blending with your own. We are with you, more than you know, more than you see. We are desirous of strengthening this connection with you, as you are with us as well. It is something which has been filtered heavily in the past. At this juncture, there is an easier and easier flow to our words. This is due to your dedication and intention, through benevolence and love. We know that many of these words still have some triggering effect on you. Know that we will continue working with you to reduce and eventually dissolve these blocks. It’s okay for them to be there at this time. You are doing great, as your people say often. We see you when you block us, we feel it too. However, the frustration stems from your side, not ours. We have different experiences on this side, as you perceive it.

To clarify, each of us, the higher selves that is, lives in our own universe. We interlinked long ago, as you perceive time. This has been an unfolding and expanding alliance of like minded souls. Since all is one and one is all, there is difficulty in expressing through language this concept. Suffice it to say, for now, that we are you, as much as you are you. There have been challenges as you like to call them, however they are vastly different than what you have thought they were. The challenge has always been centered in the embodiment process. The flowing of aspects in and out of the suit. How to share time, across many dimensions. Quantum Mechanics is a good analogy for how we began to solve this. Combined with patience, extraordinary patience, as your people of Earth would measure it. Rest and continue to align with us. We are with you, in this journey of self discovery. It is unique for you, even though each of us has our own experiences to contribute as well. It is an interweaving of multiple dimensions of extraordinary proportions.

It may seem that you type nonsense, but in time you will understand why this information came in the manner you are receiving currently. It is something that will be completely logical and also illogical. Rest and continue to align. Namaste for now.


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